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About us

Our modern lifestyle is extremely demanding. Between chasing dreams and constantly solving problems, we often neglect the essentials of our well-being. One of those necessities is the quality of sleep. It is the most important variable in improving your brain function, longevity and performance.

We are the Minkov family from Bulgaria. We believe that the way to a more productive, inspired and joyful life is getting enough quality sleep. Love of nature has always been an indispensable part of our lives and we came to realize that returning to it is the foundation of deep restorative sleep. Our pillow is an attempt to bring you closer to the natural world.




During the manufacturing process, we use only certified organic hulls of buckwheat. In the past this material was considered a luxurious alternative to traditional pillow stuffing. It does not build up static electricity and has antibacterial and anti-allergic properties, making our pillows appropriate for everyone.

The hulls are dense, yet light, allowing even weight distribution across the entire pillow. This provides a balanced support for your head and neck, which helps alleviate headaches and chronic neck pain. The level of firmness is conveniently adjustable by simply adding or removing from the filling. The pillow adapts to any sleeping position, ensuring a pleasant night's sleep.